Introducing the MES-CoBraD Platform – Project Webinar

The MES-CoBraD project coordinated by the Decision Support System Laboratory of the National and Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is holding a webinar to present the first version of the MES-CoBraD platform!

📆 Date: 27.09.2023

Time: 1PM (CEST)

📍 Location: Online, Zoom


After an extensive 24-month planning and preparation phase, accompanied by meticulous data collection and intensive back-end engineering, the project is proud to unveil MES-CoBraD. This event marks a significant milestone on our journey toward improving treatment and diagnosis for patients with Complex Brain Disorders.

The project partners have combined their extensive medical knowledge with technological expertise to bring MES-CoBraD to this stage. Key members of the project team will talk the audience through the workings of the platform from the perspective of three distinct groups and demonstrate its possibilities.

In what promises to be a fascinating 90 minutes, they invite you to join this session where they will delve into the features, benefits, and future potential of MES-CoBraD. This is an exceptional opportunity to gain first insights into the advancement of medical care for Complex Brain Disorders.

This event will provide medical professionals, researchers, and patients an in-depth look into the capabilities and potential of this new tool designed to support clinical practice and research.