Research in ICT

EPU-NTUA, belonging to the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, is one of the most successful and promising research units regarding research and development on advance and innovative ICT. Concerning the scientific areas of ICT Research, the GIC Research Group operating within EPU-NTUA pursues research and development of novel methods and tools, for boosting productivity of businesses and public administrations  through the use of information and communication technologies. In this context, there is a strong and lasting collaboration with enterprises, academic and research institutions and  public sector organizations, from Europe, Africa, Asia and US.
In general, GIC, sets the context for providing scientifically robust solutions that are in a position to advance research and facilitate the knowledge transfer to real-life applications. Within this framework, the team participates in numerous RTD projects (mainly funded by EU FP7 Programme, Greek National Authorities, etc) with the aim to  provide high quality scientific services, undertake targeted research projects and develop solutions for real problems in various domains, such a collaborative enterprises, social manufacturing, smart energy and Government 2.0.
Areas of expertise and application regarding ICT research performed by GIC include:

  • Future Internet Applications and Systems for Enterprises and Public Administrations
  • Big, Open and Linked Data and Analytics
  • Social Media Publishing and Analytics
  • eGovernance and Policy Modelling
  • Smart Cities and Knowledge Economy
  • Enterprise and Government Interoperability
  • ICT for Manufacturing
  • Software Services  and Cloud Infrastructures
  • ICT for Energy
  • Technology Foresight & Roadmapping