Climate Change, Energy and the Greek Environment mbafaloukou Tue, 01/21/2020 - 12:50

The European Union has set targets for renewable energy sources to make up at least 32% of the energy mix, and for energy savings to reach 32.5%, by 2030. Greece must now design and implement policies and measures in line with these targets.

However, these policies must promote a “just transition” and be socially accepted in order to be effective and robust. Ideally, citizens should take part in the selection of these policies, by being informed and expressing their preferences on the available options.

PARIS REINFORCE participation in the EU-Japan Climate Change Policy Symposium achristoulaki Fri, 12/06/2019 - 15:14

PARIS REINFORCE researchers, including Assoc. Prof. Haris Doukas and Dr. Alexandros Nikas (National Technical University of Athens), Dr.

PARIS REINFORCE participation in the 2019 International Workshop of EMF 35 JMIP achristoulaki Fri, 12/06/2019 - 15:11

Researchers from PARIS REINFORCE (Assoc. Prof. Haris Doukas and Dr. Alexandros Nikas, from the National Technical University of Athens) participated in the 2019 International Workshop of the Energy Modeling Forum 35 Workshop, on the Japan Model Intercomparison Project (JMIP) on long-term climate policy, which took place on the 5th of December 2019, at Ito Research Centre of the University of Tokyo, Japan.

Triple-A participation in the 2nd iBRoad stakeholders’ meeting achristoulaki Thu, 12/05/2019 - 15:10

Representatives of Triple-A participated in the 2nd iBRoad stakeholders’ meeting which took place on the 5th of December 2019, in Athens, Greece.

Triple-A participation in the LAUNCH Investor Forum, Brussels, Belgium achristoulaki Wed, 11/27/2019 - 15:05

NTUA participated in the LAUNCH Investor Forum – Thinking BIG: Securitizing Sustainable Energy Assets in Europe which took place on the 27th of November 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. The aim of the LAUNCH Investor Forum was to think BIG and key market players discussed on the topic why EPC has not yet been securitised and what is needed to achieve securitization of Sustainable Energy Assets under EPC contracts. Triple-A coordinator, Prof.

First PARIS REINFORCE Stakeholder Council Dialogue, Brussels achristoulaki Thu, 11/21/2019 - 15:01

The 1st PARIS REINFORCE Stakeholder Council Dialogue workshop, entitled "Enhancing climate policy through co-creation", took place on the 21st of November 2019, at the premises of Bruegel, in Brussels, Belgium.

Triple-A participation in the Building Green Open Space 2019 achristoulaki Sat, 10/19/2019 - 14:58

Assoc. Prof. Haris Doukas (NTUA) participated as a speaker at the Building Green Open Space 2019. The event took place on the 19th of October 2019 in Athens, Greece. Mr. Doukas presented regarding the Green Investments potential in boosting the Greek economy and presented the Triple-A three-step innovative approach.

Triple-A Kick-off Meeting achristoulaki Wed, 10/02/2019 - 15:16

The Triple-A project kicked off in Athens on the 1st and 2nd of October 2019. The meeting focused on clarifying the project objectives, while also analysing and brainstorming on critical risks and aspects, in order to define next steps, the methodology and concrete actions to be followed.

PARIS REINFORCE participation in the C-Track 50 EU roundtable achristoulaki Tue, 09/17/2019 - 14:50

Researchers from PARIS REINFORCE participated in the C-Track 50 EU roundtable which took place on the 17th of September 2019 in Athens, Greece.

PARIS REINFORCE participation in the UN Climate Conference SB50 achristoulaki Wed, 06/19/2019 - 14:44

PARIS REINFORCE coordinator Assoc. Prof. Haris Doukas (National Technical University of Athens) and Dr. Annela Anger-Kraavi (Cambridge University) participated in the UN Bonn Climate Change Conference (SB50), which took place from June 17 to June 27 in Bonn, Germany.