Training & human resources development

Training & human resources development: our most competitive qualification 

Training capability is obviously a competitive qualification of EPU-NTUA. Working in the framework of the National Technical University of Athens, having in its staff a large number of academicians of NTUA and having implemented so far a large number of training and capacity building projects or modules in greater projects, EPU-NTUA has an experience that it is hard to compete. 
The training activities offered by EPU-NTUA cover all the scientific areas of energy policy and management theory and have two main directions: 

Academic Training

Academic training is offered to under- and post- graduate students of NTUA and other training institutes or organisations. The Unit's staff is teaching numerous courses in NTUA, including: Energy Policy Analysis, Least Cost Planning, Energy Management, Management and Information Systems, Strategic Development of MIS, Decision Support Systems, Project Management, Financial Management and Business Financial Analysis, Forecasting Methods. Furthermore, the members of the Unit co-operate on a regular basis with the most prestigious national and international training institutes and organisations in the design and implementation of training curricula. 

Specific Professional Training

Specific professional training, including vocational training and re-training, is offered either on a regular basis or as part of consulting services to ministries, local authorities and public or private organisations and companies in Greece and abroad. Courses include: Energy planning and design of energy strategies, supply alternatives and supply security, planning for rational use of energy in all sectors, modelling of energy systems, Third Party Financing (TPF), EU Funds and their regulations, European Energy Charter, management & monitoring of sectoral development programmes, associated management information systems, Least Cost Planning (LCP), management training in the energy sector, etc. 
This experience has been strengthened by the co-operation of EPU-NTUA with other companies and experts from Greece, other EU, CEEC/NIS and MEDA countries within the framework of major international programmes.