New EU project promotes the Clean Energy Transition with smart energy services and innovative business models

The new LIFE project “Innovative Energy (Efficiency) Service Models for Sector Integration via Blockchain” (INEEXS) will meet the European Green Deal principles by adopting and validating in real world conditions integrated energy services across sectors and carriers, and the tokenization of energy saving data in a public blockchain. The aim is to enable automated, accurate, fast and smart solutions, facilitate trust and integrate sectors.

In the next three years, the consortium will put forth new energy service business models to incentivise the adoption of sustainable technologies, accelerate the energy transition, and support market actors to replicate these models. In addition, it will connect smart energy services across sectors based on energy efficiency, distributed energy resources, demand response/flexibility, electric mobility while including non-energy benefits such as comfort, health and safety.

This approach will be deployed and validated in four different EU Member States: Germany, Spain, Greece and one more country to be selected during the deployment process. As a first step, INEEXS will analyse the energy services offered by the five Business Cases, and characterise their unique business model, legal requirements, cost structure, revenue streams and contribution to both energy and non-energy benefits. Then, the existing business models will be redesigned to ensure their sustainable continuation, the connection with new stakeholders and the creation of new revenue streams. Finally, the concepts will be validated in real-world conditions.

The INEEXS concept


The services, models and contracts that INEEXS plans to deploy and validate in different EU states are the following:

  • Energy Performance Contracting (EPCs) with Pay4Performance guarantees (Berlin, Germany)
  • Improved self-consumption of distributed energy resources (DERs) in Energy Cooperatives (Crevillent, Spain)
  • Energy efficiency and flexibility services for legacy natural gas boilers (5 main Greek cities: Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa, Trikala, Volos))
  • Smart energy management for EV chargers and electricity-based HVAC appliances (location tbc)
  • Decentralized Energy Efficiency Power Plant (DEEPP) (conceptual)

Μore information about the INEEXS Business Cases are available here.

The InEExS Blockchain platform and services


INEEXS Business Cases are improving on existing, viable business models by enhancing their integration with other services and sectors and build on pre-existing communities of participants, while aiming at extending these services to a large share of their market segment.

Elaborating innovative and fitting business models by active market participants is pivotal if we are to address the existential challenge of transforming the energy system”. Explains Filippos Anagnostopoulos, Senior Associate at IEECP and Project Coordinator. “The INEEXS project offers a unique opportunity to energy retailers, energy communities, technology developers, energy agencies and real estate companies to validate, replicate, adopt and roll concrete technical solutions with potentially transformative impact.

By the end of 2025, more than 15.000 customers will be benefitting from new and smart services and almost 4 million euro will be saved in energy costs by the end-users thanks to the improvements of the existing and viable business models validated by the four cases. These numbers are expected to further increase with the replication of these models throughout Europe.

By adopting new digital technologies, methods and tools to enable automated, accurate, fast and smart solutions, facilitate trust and integrate sectors, INEEXS meets the three key principles of the European Green Deal and contributes to the European Union climate and energy targets to make the Clean Energy Transition a reality.

More information can be found on the project webpage:


Roberta D’Angiolella

Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP)

Senior Communications Manager

Email: roberta [at]

Mobile: +39 347 75 33 190

About the project

INEEXS stands for Innovative Energy (Efficiency) Service Models for Sector Integration via Blockchain

Start – end date: November 2022 - June 2025

Partners: IEECP - Institute For European Energy And Climate Policy (the Netherlands), HERON - Iron Thermoilektriki Anonymi Etaireia (Greece), NTUA - National Technical University of Athens (Greece), ESCAN (Spain), ENERCOOP- Cooperativa Electrica Benefica San Francisco De Asis Sociedad Cooperativa Valenciana (Spain), DOMX (Greece), VL - Verdia Legal (Spain), BEA - Berliner Energieagentur (Germany), OFFIS (Germany), Inlecom Group (Belgium), HIVEN (Finland), Energy Web Foundation (Switzerland)