Triple-A Questionnaires on Energy Efficiency Financing

Triple-A Team invites you to participate in Triple-A Stakeholder Consultations by filling in the “Triple-A Questionnaires on Energy Efficiency Financing”.

The Triple-A project aims to identify and mainstream energy efficiency investments focusing on the pre-screening process, where as yet no standardization procedures exist. To this end, the Standardised Triple-A Tools and the Web-based Database on Energy Efficiency Financing have been launched to provide information on risks and uncertainty factors that might reduce profitability of investments and evaluate attractive project ideas.

To further improve the afore mentioned Tools, please provide your feedback through the Triple-A Questionnaires on Energy Efficiency Financing, according to your affiliation:

1.    Questionnaire for Building Sector 
2.    Questionnaire on Energy Efficiency Financing Risks & Evaluation Criteria
3.    Questionnaire on Energy Efficiency Financing Schemes 

We recommend looking into the Standardised Triple-A Tools and Web-based Database on Energy Efficiency Financing prior to completing the survey. You may choose to fill in any or all of these questionnaires, depending on your interest and expertise. 

The duration of the completion of each one survey is estimated to 15 minutes.

Fill out the quick survey and help us make Triple-A Tool more sufficient.