3rd C-Track 50 roundtable with national stakeholders, March 19, 2019

 The 3rd C-Track 50 roundtable with national Greek entities was realised in National Technical University of Athens, on March 19. Representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, the Region of Epirus, the Region of Thessaly, the Center for Renewable Sources and Energy Saving, the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Sustainable City Network, as well as representatives of the National Technical University of Athens and EPTA (as C-Track 50 partners) participated in the meeting.

The aim of the meeting was the presentation and discussion of C-Track 50 proposals submitted to the public consultation of the National Action Plan for Energy and Climate. Emphasis was also placed on ways in which multi-level governance can be strengthened, i.e. cooperation between local, regional and national authorities in the context of long-term energy planning.

A proposal that received a positive response from the two regions participating in the meeting, was the link between financing mechanisms and individual emission reduction targets that can be set at the level of each region, according to its characteristics and potential.

The representatives of the two regions informed the participants about the energy efficiency projects in their territory and presented the barriers they are faced during their implementation, especially when there is need to cooperate with the local authorities.

The meeting was concluded with proposals including national measures and policies that could support the ambitious European long-term goals towards decarbonisation.