Search and Rescue Consortium Hosts Successful Final Event

Showcasing Innovative Tech for Saving Lives: The final event of the Search and Rescue project unravels ground-breaking solutions for crisis management, marking a milestone in the journey towards enhancing the efficiency of SAR operations.


The SnR Consortium

The Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park near Athens was buzzing with excitement and anticipation on 8th and 9th May 2023. It was the venue of the final event hosted by the Search and Rescue (SnR) consortium, a 28-member team coordinated by Dr. Christos Ntanos of the EPU-NTUA.

The event was divided into two primary segments: a workshop on standardisation for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations on the first day and the SnR Final Conference on the second. 

During the workshop, the consortium deliberated on the importance of standardisation in crisis management, particularly SAR operations. This session was crucial in presenting and discussing three Cen Workshop Agreements (CWAs) related to digital information acquisition, the application of innovative technology for victim detection, and specifications for digital scenarios for SAR exercises.

The Final Conference on 9th May was a grand event where the consortium presented a summary of the project's accomplishments. Innovations developed over three years were showcased, highlighting their potential to augment the capabilities of first responders in SAR operations. These solutions have been rigorously tested across seven use cases throughout Europe.

An integral part of the conference was a dedicated session illustrating the involvement of end-users in rescue efforts post the Turkey earthquake in February. These experiences underscored the necessity of innovation in SAR operations and crisis management, indicating that the right technological solutions can indeed save lives.

As a research and innovation project, the solutions are still in the prototype phase, but the consortium is hopeful that they will soon be incorporated into operational use.

The SnR project's mission is to develop and promote an underlying framework that enables responders to access, familiarise, and evaluate innovative solutions' deployment. The project aspires to demonstrate a consistent Crisis Governance model, encompassing the role that Europe intends to adopt following the implementation of the new Lisbon Treaty.

The expected impact of SnR on international crisis management is significant. With a focus on producing compact, highly effective rescue tools, reducing response and planning time, and lowering victim injury rates, the project is aimed at making a tangible difference in crisis management scenarios.

The final conference marks a significant milestone, but the project is still ongoing, and we look forward to seeing its full impact once the technologies are adopted and deployed in real-world scenarios.

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