ChildRescue presented in the CORDIScovery podcast

The ChildRescue project, which was coordinated by EPU-NTUA was presented in an interview provided by its coordinator, our own Dr Christos Ntanos, to the CORDIScovery podcast. CORDIScovery is produced by CORDIS, whose mission is to share the results of the very best of EU-funded research. CORDIScovery features a panel discussion between guests at the forefront of their scientific fields.

ChildRescue in CORDIScovery

This episode focuses on the bright side of our use of technology; finding missing children with real-time input and geofencing, helping a visually impaired person navigate a challenge that crops up in their daily lives, fake news: sorting the wheat from the chaff.

  • Christian Erfurt launched his first healthcare start-up while still in high school. He is behind the BEMYEYES app that’s available in 150 countries and has almost 5 million volunteers supporting 313 000 users with visual impairment.
  • We have all seen missing children flyers. But how best to move from paper notices to digital tools? Christos Ntanos tells us how the ChildRescue project, a collective awareness platform, is being used to find and rescue missing children.
  • The internet is like rocket fuel when it comes to the spread of misinformation. Francesco Saverio Nucci’s project FANDANGO is using AI to turn the tables, helping news agencies identify what looks suspicious.

You can listen to this episode of CORDIScovery wherever you get your podcasts.

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