ChildRescue featured on CORDIS-EU Research Results portal

ChildRescue was coordinated by the Decision Support Systems Laboratory.

ChildRescue was an EU funded project that aspires to effectively reduce the primary period between the moment a child is reported missing and the one when it is found, and to help predict and prevent the disappearance of Children in Migration, by increasing accuracy and timeliness of publicly and privately available information, by performing evidence-based predictions on the whereabouts of children in distress, and by providing location-based audience targeting of mobile alerts.

Recently, it was featured on CORDIS, the EU's Research Results portal for its contribution to Science and Social Innovation:

Harnessing collective intelligence to find missing children | Results In Brief | CORDIS | European Commission (

ChildRescue will be instrumental in leveraging collective creativity, resourcefulness and action for a meaningful cause: to expedite more rapid and effective prevention and resolution of missing children cases, reducing the risks for the children and reuniting them with their families.

Click here to download the ChildRescue app.

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