EPU-NTUA is a multidisciplinary scientific unit which carries out research and development activities providing management and decision support services on a wide range of complex business, societal and technical problems. The R&D services of EPU-NTUA are applied not only on research challenges but also on real life problems in industry, energy, trade, business, education, telecommunication, tourism, health and public administration. 

EPU-NTUA collaborates regularly in R&D and technical assistance projects with several major Greek, European and international organisations. It is involved in major EU programmes as well as in national programmes funded by Greek Ministries (National Economy, Industry, Energy and Technology, Environment and Urban Planning), Energy Organisations (electricity, oil and gas sectors), regional and national authorities, and other public and private organisations. EPU NTUA projects are administratively handled by the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS-NTUA) and by the Research Committee of NTUA.

The activities of the UNIT are well positioned to provide support for diploma and PhD thesis on the filed of management and decision support systems that have an applied inter-disciplinary orientation
The academic work of EPU-NTUA includes provision of training to under- and post- graduate engineers, extensive research work and publication of scientific papers. The Unit's members have published more than 100 papers in scientific journals during the last 5 years and are teaching 10 courses in NTUA, in the areas of Management and Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Financial Management, Energy, Least Cost Planning, Energy Management and Environmental Policy, Multicriteria Decision Making, Forecasting Methods, Electronic Transactions, Operations Management, Business Strategy Game etc.
The academic descent of EPU-NTUA coupled with its international exposure has resulted in high-level professionalism in its work, which in combination with the individual personality traits of its staff gives a unique spirit of enthusiasm and dynamism to the unit.