2nd C-Track 50 roundtable with National Stakeholders, October 22, 2018

The 2nd C-Track 50 roundtable with national Greek entities was realised in the premises of the National Technical University of Athens, on the 22nd of October. Representatives of the Ministry of Energy, the Region of Epirus, the Region of Thessaly, the Center for Renewable Sources and Energy Saving, the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Sustainable City Network, as well as representatives of the National Technical University of Athens and EPTA (as C-Track 50 partners) participated in the meeting.

The discussion focused on the long-term energy planning in Greece, as reflected in the European carbon neutrality objective for 2050 (80-85% emissions’ reduction), as well as on some preliminary proposals to further strengthen it. At the same time, the conversation turned to whether some of these proposals could be incorporated into the 2030 plan, which is expected to be published within the next two weeks.

Subsequently, emphasis was given on how regions and local authorities could support the process and the energy planning objectives through multilevel governance as well as through individual targets for emissions’ reduction.

In this framework, C-Track 50 committed to mature the proposals, which will also be sent to the meeting’s participants, in order to be submitted in the open consultation to be held for the national energy plan, expected in November.