i-STENTORE 1st Plenary Meeting

i-STENTORE 1st Plenary Meeting and public debate take place in Madrid

On June 21-22, the consortium of i-STENTORE project convened in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid for its 1st Plenary Meeting. The main objective of i-STENTORE is to showcase the role of energy storage not only as an energy buffer, but also as an active grid component capable of providing services and contributing to grid resilience, stability and efficient operation. The project will introduce a framework that will examine the integration and applicability of diverse storage solutions and their combinations in various fields covering the mobility, agricultural, industry, household, heating and other sectors, and in different timeframes, creating what-if scenarios for the selection of the optimal storage solutions to serve each individual application in the most effective way, promoting purpose-specific Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS).

NTUA is participating in i-STENTORE by leading the project demonstration activities, as well as via the design and development of an investment planning tool that will enable the comparison among different choices for energy storage, with the scope of reducing energy losses and improving the environmental footprint of the energy system.

Alongside the meeting, i-STENTORE organised on June 22 a workshop on energy trends. Under the title "Powering the Future: Exploring the Role of Innovative Energy Storage Systems in Green Energy Empowerment”, the event, which was organised as a Sustainable Energy Day under this year's European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW 2023), aimed to delve into the concept of hybrid energy storage systems and their crucial involvement in enabling green energy empowerment. In this regard, workshop presentations focused on the objectives, the technical framework and sharing valuable insights derived from the i-STENTORE pilots, whereas an expert panel discussion brought forward the vast potential of energy storage technologies.