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Organisation & Management Information Systems  

ADMIE: “Development of a state-of-the-art web portal for ADMIE”,  
Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO or ADMIE)

Start date: 27/1/2015, Duration: 6 months

The objective of the project is to develop the official new website of the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE). The new website will exploit state-of-the-art technologies in order to enhance the user experience design of the current site and thus disseminate and promote the brand, culture and outreach of ADMIE.  The new design of the portal will allow further future upgrades to the portal without affecting its consistency and overall quality. The structure of the website and navigational controls will be improved, in order to facilitate information retrieval in an efficient and user-friendly manner. The first step in the implementation of the new website is to identify the user requirements starting from the vision, the objectives and the particular needs of ADMIE. The user requirements will be gathered and analyzed in order to provide concrete suggestions to ADMIE. Thereafter, the new web portal will be developed and linked with the existing systems of ADMIE. Lastly, data from the old website will be migrated to the new web portal. The development of a state-of-the-art web portal will result in promoting the ADMIE’s brand in a significantly positive manner. ADMIE’s new web portal aims to be a vital part of its business operations and not merely an information site. The professional representation of ADMIE on the Internet will improve its image as an active and highly energetic company that follows up closely any advances and adjusts its business operations according to the needs of its clients. The new web portal of ADMIE not only will disseminate and improve the image of the company but it will also offer practical and tangible benefits in terms of improving its services, including direct communication with its clients, flexible means of communication and support, business process automation and overall communication cost reduction.



e-PASITHEA: “Upgrade of the PASITHEA and e-PASITHEA Information Systems,  
General Secretariat of Communication, General Secretariat of Information, Greek Ministry od Mass Media

Start date: 19/9/2014, Duration: 6 months

The objective of the “Upgrade of the PASITHEA and e-PASITHEA Information Systems” project is the debugging, updating and the implementation of new requirements for the PASITHEA back-office system and the e-PASITHEA front-office online system of the Secretariat General of Information & Communication/ Secretariat General of Massmedia, which have been developed by the ICCS. 

The expected outcomes are the implementation of the entirety of the debugging, modification and upgrading requirements, which have been recorded in the proposal, as well as to ensure the seamless, consistent and accurate operation of these Information Systems for the projects’ duration.


MAOP - Accessibility  

MAOP - Accessibility: “Transport Infrastructures and Sustainable Development 2014-2020”,  
Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Managing Authority of Operational Program


Start date: 28/2/2014, Duration: 11 months

The purpose of the project is to support the Managing Authority to collect, process and synthesise all the data required for the design of the Operational Programme “Transport Infrastructures and Sustainable Development 2014-2020”, which will be shaped based on the foreseen consultation processes, as these are mentioned in detail in the “3rd Circular for the design of the Operational Programmes of the Programming Period 2014-2020” of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness. In particular, the part of the Programme related to the Transport Sector will be elaborated, taking into account the Strategic Framework for Transport Investments, which is being drafted, and in cooperation with the Consultant of the Operational Programme “Environment and Sustainable Development”, the sector policy for the Environment and Sustainable Development, that will be provided in a complete form by the responsible Managing Authority, will be utilised.

• Preliminary Draft of the Operational Programme “Transport Infrastructures and Sustainable Development 2014-2020”.

• Draft of the Operational Programme “Transport Infrastructures and Sustainable Development 2014-2020”, as it will result after the initial consultation with the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness and the social and economic stakeholders, as well as the content of the Strategic Environmental Impact Study.

• Final Draft of the Operational Programme “Transport Infrastructures and Sustainable Development 2014-2020”, that will be submitted to the European Commission, after embodying the final comments of all the parties to the consultation, the conclusions of the ex-ante evaluation of the Operational programme and the adjustment to the approving decision of the Strategic Environmental Impact Study.


Website of the Greek Presidency of the EU Counsil  

Website of the Greek Presidency of the EU Council,  
Hellenic Republic - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Start date: 1/11/2013, Duration: 10 months

The objective of the project is to develop the official website of the Greek Presidency of the EU Council and support its operation.

A successful Presidency relies heavily on a well-designed communication strategy, a major axis of which is the function of the official website of the Presidency. The site supports the communication objectives of the Presidency and will be the main source of direct and continuous information on the presidency, both to national and international media and EU officials and the general public. At the same time, it will be an important tool for the work done by the governmental services and the Permanent Representation of Greece in Brussels. 

The site will consist of the following modules/subsystems:

• Users Management Subsystem 

• Content Management Subsystem

• Portal 

• Infrastructure Hosting subsystem

• Accreditation Subsystem

Expected outputs:

1. Improved organisational and operational framework of the Organisation

2. Improved operation and interconnection / interoperability of the Information Systems of the Organisation

3. Evaluation of scenarios and selection/implementation in collaboration with the staff of the Organisation:

I. Framework of the Organisation uniform strategy (IT strategy)

II. Business Intelligence System (BI) for selected executive functions of the Organisation

4. Knowhow transfer and ELGA staff training for the new organisational and operational framework of the Organisation, of the already provided electronic services and the anticipated future electronic services.


Public Gas Corporation – OIIS 1, 2  

Public Gas Corporation – OIIS 1
Modeling and Development of an Optimization Integrated Information System (OIIS) for the Public Gas Corporation (PGC)
Public Gas Corporation (PGC).    

The project "Modeling and Development of an Optimization Integrated Information System (OIIS) for the Public Gas Corporation (PGC)" has as general purpose the modeling, design and development of an OIIS which will support the executives of PGC in the decision making procedure on issues such as: Natural Gas (NG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supply and demand meet in an organized and systematic manner. The OIIS to be developed under the project will create a competitive advantage for PGC as it will encompass all the parameters involved in the decision-making procedure of NG/LNG supply in the modern conditions of the liberalized market established and it will give the enterprise the possibility to make decisions that optimize as much as possible its financial results. The expected outcome of the project is an Optimization Integrated Information System (OIIS) in which the problem of decision-making on the supply of Natural Gas (NG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) will be modeled as a Mixed/Integer Linear Programming problem.
The implementation of such a system will support the various actions that the enterprise’s executives carry out, concerning the decision making procedure on supplies, through the following specific features provided:Possibility to execute, process and store different supply scenarios, by altering various parameters of the problem; Gradual optimization of the accuracy of the proposed by the system decisions, through the continuously update and incorporation of history data; Production of reports on the data concerning the overall process of supplies.

Extension of the Optimization Integrated Information System (OIIS) for the Public Gas Corporation (PGC)
Public Gas Corporation (PGC).    

The objective of the project is the modeling, in terms of mixed-integer programming, and the integration in the OIIS of new commitments for DEPA, derived from newcomer regulations in the activation environment of the enterprise, that produce additional requirements related to the operational activities of the company. Additional objective is the expansion of the OIIS application with the integration of extra operational requirements, which have incurred from the trial operation of the system and the consulting to the executives of the company for their familiarization with the OIIS and for other optimization issues. The expected outcome of the project is the expansion of the OIIS’ s model, which aims to support the various business actions of the PGC’ s executives during decision making process, with the:

  • Modeling of a virtual natural gas trading node (hub);
  • Incorporation of an additional group of constraints related to the total supply quantities purchased through separate supply contracts in a common entry point
  • Modeling of intra-reservoir transactions
  • Integration of an additional group of constraints, concerning the daily tank stock and gasification quantities
  • Inclusion of transportation cost in case of past data usage
  • The calculation of available space in the tank, based on the regulation of Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA).



ICRS - Interconnection of European Criminal Records Systems,  

The objective of the project is the development and evaluation of alternative methods and the finding and application of the most appropriate for the adaptation of the existing Criminal Record Information System of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, in order to enable communication with the corresponding systems of other EU member states. The ICCS participates by providing scientific and research support during the entire process. The project includes the research and examination of the legal and technical framework governing the exchange of criminal record data in the EU, requirements analysis and design for the new system and the procurement of the necessary hardware and software. Furthermore, the project includes training for the relevant Ministry personnel, as well as the dissemination of the project activities and results (technical, scientific and administrative) within Greece and the EU. The project is implemented by the Hellenic Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights in collaboration with the ICCS. It is co-financed by the EU (70%) and through public funds (30%).


LOT 2 Economic assistance  

LOT 2 Economic assistance,

Multiple Framework Contract with reopening of competition for provision of services of economic assistance in the field of energy. 
European Commission DG for Mobility and Transport & DG for Energy, Shared Resource Directorate.    

The purpose of the multiple framework contracts is to provide at short notice the contracting authority with highly qualified external expertise to support with objectivity the contracting authority in the design, preparation and implementation of EU policies and initiatives and legislative proposals.
Services listed suggest a smaller range of target sectors and advice formats, which can be combined in the future contracts according to the potential needs of advice facing the European Commission and its Agencies. Potential areas of advice cover a broad range of issues including:

  • Energy markets design and regulation, including integration of new policies into current markets
  • Social and public aspects of energy markets, including aspects related to liberalization and competition in the internal market and technology and innovation.
  • Development and operation of networks and infrastructures in general and corporate finance issues.
  • Regarding the type of advice and project formats, we understand that they can be summarized as follows:
  • Data gathering
  • Data analysis and statistics
  • Financial analysis
  • Economic and regulatory research and analyses
  • Cost‐Benefit analysis (CBA)
  • Studies
  • Design of projects
  • Recommendations
  • Assessments


PENED - Resources Management  

Intelligent and Expert Resources Management Systems,  

The subject of the research project is the development of intelligent and expert resources management systems. In the current intensively competitive and continuously changing business environment there are many times that a new approach, except for the traditional management and the existing business structures, is necessary for the improvement of the enterprises’ performance. One important point for the accomplishment of all these is the best possible management of the enterprise’s resources. The intelligent and expert  resources management systems’ target is to support completely the  managers in order to optimize the resources management of the enterprise. The project results in the implementation of the following PHDs: a) Intelligent and expert resources management systems in generative systems, b) Intelligent and expert human resources management systems, c) Re-design of business procedures for the introduction of resources management systems, d) Intelligent and expert resources management systems in buildings


TC Ministry of Justice 2TC  

Provision of Technical Consultant Services for the project ‘Installation of Information Systems and Modernisation of Administrative Courts,  
Ministry of Justice - Greece.    

Project Objectives:

The goal is to provide scientific, technical and management support for the implementation of the project “Installation of Information Systems and Modernisation of Administrative Courts” by the Ministry of Justice. Specifically, the main objectives are: Successful completion of the main project (“Installation of Information Systems and Modernisation of Administrative Courts”) and continued operation of the resulting infrastructures and products by:

  • Evaluating progress information through auditing
  • Submission of progress reports, identifying risks and suggesting courses of action
  • Advising on management practices and project planning
  • Successful fulfillment of all the client’s obligations as a beneficiary of the Information Society Programme by:
  1. Assisting the client in composing and submitting all necessary documents and reports
  2. Offering advice on directing the main project within the framework of the Information Society Programme



MedNet - Latin American Health Care Network, Completed, European Commission, (FP7) - Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The aim of this project is to design and develop a fully automated infrastructure to support the operation of a Latin America medical network that can address the problems of providing health care from a distance to people living in rural and underserved areas. The medical network will be supported by expert physician located in urban cities of Latin America. The medical applications will be vary from gynaecology, paediatric, cardiology to typical infectious diseases for the region such as malaria and tuberculosis. The project will empower medical doctors to constantly and remotely keep track of their patients with minimum effort, assisted by an intelligent automated infrastructure. A sophisticated Collaboration Model will manage the whole service and will be aware of each patient’s medical record, providing an information channel between the medical staff, the patients and their families.



Scientific services for the technical support in monitoring the finanial/cash flow of the projects and the data related to the projects' inclusion in community funded programmes. Completed, Ministry of Environment Planning & Public Works

The objective of the project is to provide specialized scientific services for the support of the information system (“DELOS”) of Public Investment Programme (PIP), for the public works that the Ministry of Environment Planning & Public Works is responsible for, along with the planning of PIP, financing of public works, the annual economic reports, etc.

The information system (“DELOS”) supports the monitoring of the financing process of co-financed projects as well as projects belonging to the operational programme "Road Axes, Ports and Urban Development" (OP-RAPUD) and the Cohesion Fund.

The project includes scientific and technical support tasks for the development of applications that are responsible for entering all the necessary data related to decisions regarding the integration and implementation of co-financed projects, the monitoring of financing requests as well as the consumed projects expenses.


JSO Ukraine  

Joint Support Office for Enhancing Ukraine’s Integration in EU Research Area,  
European Commission, EuropeAid.    

The objective of the project is to support Ukraine’s integration into the European Research Area (ERA). More specifically, the project is structured into 4 components, each of which corresponds to a specific purpose, as follows:

  • Component A: Raise public awareness in Ukraine on Community R&D activities and technological areas and in particular on the 7th Framework Program (FP7)
  • Component B: Increase the opportunities of the Ukrainian research and business communities for integration into the European networks that support innovation and commercialisation of R&D output and optimise the existing EU instruments for international mobility to/from Ukraine
  • Component C: Assist the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science (MES) in the association of the country to the FP7 and support it in the implementation of the Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology (and its successor agreement) between the EC and Ukraine
  • Component D: Encourage the participation of the Ukrainian R&D institutions and SMEs in the EU programmes in the field of innovation and technology transfer and support the MES in preparing the ground for the future accession of Ukraine to the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).

Most of the assistance will be channelled through the Joint Support Office (JSO) in Ukraine. Project activities include training of the JSO staff to prepare them to deliver partner and information services to clients and to fulfil promotional activities (information days, seminars, conferences, newsletters). The project also includes study visits of Ukrainian researchers to EU members states (including Greece).

Expected results:
Under Component A:

  • JSO experts trained to act as trainers in workshops and equipped with the capacity and expertise to provide support to Ukrainian researchers to prepare proposals on R&D and innovation support EC programmes
  • Website and database developed and fully functional
  • Quarterly electronic bulletin developed and distributed
  • Information days organised
  • Public awareness on FP7 and its specific programmes
  • Consortia for research programmes built and successful partnerships established
  • FP7 proposals with Ukrainian participation developed and submitted due to enhanced support by the JSO
  • Regional participation in FP7 enhanced
  • Capacity building workshops delivered
  • Target groups trained
  • Participation of Ukrainian industry and research community in FP7 increased.

Under Component B:

  • Knowledge on the “People and Capacities” specific programmes of FP7 and on mobility opportunities increased
  • Contacts with the European R&D and innovation support networks established.

Under Component C:

  • Progress in the preparation process for Ukraine’s association to FP7 as a full member
  • Support to the MES within the scope of work of the Joint Community-Ukraine Committee.

Under Component D:

  • Comprehensive overview of the existing EU programmes in the field of innovation and technology transfer and of the conditions for Ukrainian SME involvement
  • Comprehensive overview of needs, actions and requirements for Ukraine’s accession to the CIP
  • Opportunities and procedures for Ukraine’s integration into the CIP explored

Relevant events organized and final results delivered to the Ukrainian R&D stakeholders.


Digital Lakonia  

Study for the development of an action plan for Digital Lakonia, Completed, Prefecture of Lakonia

The project’s purpose is the scientific support of the Prefecture of Lakonia for the determination of the optimal – in a cost-benefit perspective – actions for the exploitation of modern Information and Communication Technology towards:
1) the quality of life improvement for the citizens of the Prefecture and
2) the competitiveness enhancement of the local economy.
In addition, the Prefecture of Lakonia will be supported for the creation of the organizational infrastructure necessary for the effective implementation of the aforementioned actions.
The expected results consist of the following:
1) Determination of the Prefecture of Lakonia’s development directions that will be supported by modern Information and Communication Technology projects.
2) Determination of the relevant actions to be realized, after the evaluation and rating of the alternative solutions.
3) Development of an action plan for the implementation of the approved actions.

4) Evaluation of the Prefecture of Lakonia’s organizational structure and technical infrastructure sufficiency for the management and implementation of the chosen projects.



Integrated Plate-forme for the Management of Labour and the exploitation of Business Intelligence in a Collaborative Business Environment, Completed
General Secretariat for Research and Technology, PEP Programme,  Ministry of Development, Greece

The goal of this research project is the development of an innovative integrated Plateform, operating in a network environment, in order to support the process of Developing Competitive Bids.The platform will support and will be a working tool for the Market Development personnel and the bidding project team members.The goal is to contribute to:

  • the Organization and Automation of the Bidding Procedure.
  • the Guidance and Accomodation of the inplicated parties during the Bidding Process.
  • the Integration and Exploitation of Business Inteligence for the support of Decision Making during the Bidding process and the Market Development task.
  • the Dimimuation of the total time to develop and deposit a Bid.



Development of an Intelligent Software for Production Management, Sceduling and Enterprise Resource Planning for Wood-Processing SMEs,  Completed
Greek Secretariat of Research and Development, Ministry of Development - Greeece

The aim of this project is to design and develop an intelligent for production management, scheduling and enterprise resource planning for wood-processing SMEs, using dynamic simulation techniques.. 

  • Detailed requirements analysis, 
  • Development of an intelligent information system, 
  • Review of modern scheduling algorithms, 
  • Development of manual, 
  • Training,
  • Production of statistical reports 


Cost Benefit studies - RAPT  

Scientific services for the implementation of cost benefit analysis studies for projects of airports and public transport for inclusion in the 4th CSF, Completed, Ministry of Transport and Communications

The main objective of the proposed project is the development of an integrated methodology for the preparation of cost – benefit studies. The proposed methodology will be based on existing regulation of the European Union in conjunction with other field studies for the determination and acquisition of the appropriate financial indexes.
The methodology will be applied on various public and aerial transport projects of the Third Programming Period which are included within the Operation Programme “Railway, Airports, Public Transport” (RAPT) as well as on the new projects in the Fourth Programming Period. Furthermore, an analytical encoding of the appropriate data for the completion of the Structural Funds Major Projects Request for Confirmation of the Rate of Assistance of various transport project of the RAPT.



Re-engineering the Secretariat General of Communication - Secretariat General of Information. Completed, Secretariat General of Communication - Secretariat General of Information,

The purpose of the project is to develop an integrated methodology for the Business Process Reengineering of Public Sector agencies and organizations, towards the improvement of the provided services, the real-time service provisioning and the simplification of the complexity exhibited in the current structure of the public administration.
The resulting methodology will be applied for the process and functional reengineering of the General Secretariat  of Communication - General Secretariat of Information, so that the agency is able to deliver its goal in the best possible way.


Re-engineering SGC, SGI  

Study on the modernization of the Administrative-Financial Application of the General Secretariat of Communication – General Secretariat of Information,  Completed
General Secretariat of Communication, General Secretariat of Information, Greek Ministry od Mass Media

The purpose of the project is the conduct of a study for the definition of the requirements/needs of the General Secretariat of Communication – General Secretariat of Information in Information and Communication Technologies aiming at their coverage through the provision and parameterization of an information system that will assist in the modernization and the update of the internal processes and the provided services.


EPΑΝ – Risk Management  

Development of an Information System of Risk Analysis and support to the auditing control of the O.P ''Competitiveness'', Completed
Ministry of development, Managing Authority of the O.P ''Competitiveness''    

Management and technical consultancy to the Managing Authority of the Operational Program “Competitiveness” for the program risk analysis and the auditing control. Development of a Program Risk Analysis methodology for the auditing mechanism of the Managing Authority. Identification of the Program Risks, risk estimation and evaluation for all the identified risks of the projects of the Operational Program. Development of a methodology for the choice of the projects, which should be examined by the auditing mechanism of the Managing Authority. The choice of the sample of Projects is based on risk analysis and the constraints of the Managing Authority, which arise from the available resources, as well as the national and European legislation.Design and development of an advanced Information System, which:
 Implements the developed risk analysis and project sampling methodology.Supports the auditing control of the Operational Program.



«Development of an intelligent adaptive software for production management and scheduling with the use of dynamic simulation techniques (ERP Scheduling)"PAVE - ERP Scheduling"»  Completed
General Secretariat for Reasearch and Technology, Ministry of Development, Programme Pave, (Singular SA)

The main aim of the project is the development of an innovative intelligent industrial software, for the solution of the basic problem of scheduling and optimum management of production systems, which will be adapted to a wide breadth of business/enterprises. Specifically, the project includes the design and implemebntation of an innovative subsytem which will be able to be connected to the product SEn.


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